Changemaker Warren Campbell Responds Swiftly to COVID-19; Offers Vital Funds to Those Under COVID-19 Treatment

As the founder of AFFORDABLE, a software-based nonprofit dedicated to reducing barriers to healthcare access, Warren Campbell, a TPP changemaker, realized COVID-19 could be a potential health hazard in the US as early as February. Then, something unexpected happened that hit close to home: the grandparents of one of his developers were on the Queen Diamond cruise ship when COVID-19 was identified.

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Social Sustainability

TPP grantees are attached to the fundamentals that will grow their communities and nourish the qualities that need to emerge within every individual. They implement social sustainability by honoring the planet, expanding access to technical resources, promoting authentic expression and preserving peoples livelihoods. Every project below helps remove suppressed [...]

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Am I Good Enough?

...the real problem lies somewhere else: how to make sure that people who care about social change do not retreat because they fear failure and do not quit because they are convinced that they are not good enough...

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“You Can’t Unsee It”: Ann Ratnayake Macy Take on Policy Gaps in Child Torture Cases

TPP provided a grant to NCCASP in publishing a groundbreaking article that brings light to this gap in the U.S. criminal code. NCCASP was able to document the gap within state criminal codes and publish a groundbreaking article in Journel of Child and Youth Review in 2019. This report educates legislatures on the issue for the purpose of updating state criminal codes to close loopholes in child torture cases.

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A Daily Purpose

In our day to day lives we do not always recognize the realities that many people face around the world. At TPP, we are honored to stand beside grantees who remind the world of the challenges and beauty that we are unable to perceive. We all have the ability [...]

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