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The Pollination Project is a collaborative Foundation that offers seed funding ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. Our network of sixty five grant advisors and five country coordinators, each an expert in their respective fields, leads our funding decisions.

This participatory grantmaking process aligns with our ethos of empowering individuals on the front lines to effect positive change within their communities, cultures, and countries.

Beyond financial support, The Pollination Project Foundation assists grantees in taking their initial steps towards fundraising and offers first belief in their mission. Additionally, we offer capacity-building workshops, mindfulness retreats to prevent burnout, and resource navigation to ensure that our grantees’ work achieves tangible goals.

At TPP, we believe in people, so we invest in people. 

Oluwaseyi Tolulope Kehinde-Peters


of the week:

Fábio Fula: Working to End Live Animal Exports in Brazil

Location: BRAZIL

With the help of The Pollination Project, the Carga Viva Não Movement has been growing and organizing increasingly to ban the export from the third-largest port in Brazil (São Sebastião), which exported around 136 thousand live animals in 2023. Brazil is the second-largest exporter of live animals in the world, trailing only Australia, and it exports animals on long sea voyages to countries in the Middle East and North Africa. 

Fábio is one of the members of the movement. 

ShiftHappens: Our Blog:

The stories behind the grants

Girls’ Pride: Inspiring Generational Change to End Period Poverty

Girls’ Pride: Inspiring Generational Change to End Period Poverty

“Break the Bias” is a transformative initiative crafted to bridge the gap experienced by visually impaired women in Lagos (Nigeria) in acquiring fundamental digital and communication skills necessary for navigating today’s world.

Thanks to the support of the TPP grant, Oluwakemi Odusanya, disability-rights advocate and journalist, empowered 25 women with newfound confidence in communication, both written and verbal, mastering essential computer skills with screen readers, and elevating their abilities in public speaking, debate, critical thinking, and research.

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“We’re very grateful for the Pollination Project’s support. This organization was the first (outside of our first supporters) to believe in our mission.

As a result of this grant, we have gained credibility in the refugee community and will be able to continue to grow and work towards achieving our mission.”

Linnie Pawlek, Financial Literacy For Refugees
Colorado, USA

Profiles in compassion: The Story of Lava Mae

Find out how a small donation of $1000 helped launch a successful national model for homeless services. The Pollination Project makes small startup grants every single day of the year- all over the world.

A look behind the scenes


Changing the world one grant at a time ! ...

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Lakshman Molleti’s work seems simple enough at first glance: he gives away earth-friendly water bowls throughout India to ensure that the millions of stray dogs, cows, monkeys, birds, and other animals have access to clean water.

"It Began with a Water Bowl," is the movie adaptation of the book "The Journey of Bunty and Chinku,", written by Lakshman.
This story is meticulously crafted with the primary goal of inspiring, motivating, and instilling a sense of responsibility across all age groups towards community building, particularly in the often neglected realms of animal welfare and the environment.

The Pollination Project partnered with @molletilakshman since the very beginning of Lakshman’s project Animals Water Bowl Project (AWBP) Trust with a grant in 2018 and one in 2019.

To date, Lakshman Molleti:

🐶 distributed 5500+ water bowls
🐶 organized 120 educational events
🐶 educated 35,000 people on animal welfare both in person and online
🐶 impacted 15000+ animals /day.

You can follow Laksham and his organization AWBP Trust on
Instagram at @awbptrust
YouTube at @AWBPTrust
Facebook at @awbptrust
Website https://awbptrust.org/

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Stories of #Heartivism: "Break the Bias" is a transformative initiative crafted to bridge the gap experienced by visually impaired women in Lagos (Nigeria) in acquiring fundamental digital and communication skills necessary for navigating today`s world.

Thanks to the support of the TPP grant, Oluwakemi empowered 25 women with newfound confidence in communication!

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CONGRATULATIONS to our grantee and Lead Advisor in Health and Wholeness, Ben Kilama!
He has just taken on the role of "Disability Inclusion Facilitator" (DIF) with Light for the World, a non governmental organization with a vision to build an inclusive world where people with disabilities fully engage and participate in economic development and enjoy equal rights.

In this role, he`s going to be supporting the "We Are Able! Project" which is a partnership project with five partners (Light For The World, ZOA International, NUDIPU-Uganda Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda, VNGI and The Hague Academy for Local Governance in Northern Uganda) to achieve two main outcome: inclusive land rights and inclusive food security.

"I want to appreciate TPP for making this happen. This success is traceable from the grant that we got from TPP which exposed me, my work, and my cause to the community and other organizations which are committed to the same cause.
Seriously, from Health and Wholeness to inclusive land rights and inclusive food security, I envision the sky to be the limit."

We are very proud of you, Ben!
#foodsecurity #health #inclusivity #uganda

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Our seed grants often provide crucial initial funding, allowing changemakers to kickstart projects, conduct research, or implement innovative ideas.
Our grantees` words of gratitude are the best reward 🧡

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🔸🔸🔸"Legal action against animal slaughterhouse in Uberaba" 🔸🔸🔸

We recently supported the project of the Animal Rights Lawyer, Giseli Cheim, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Giseli Cheim and the organization @anaa_associacaoadvanimalista aim to initiate a Popular Action urging the municipality, Minas Gerais state, and the Federal Government to enforce international animal welfare standards. This entails continuous municipal inspection and ultimately, the closure of the facility. The strategy involves legal measures to compel authorities, including the federal government, to address inhumane practices, with proposed meetings aimed at enhancing inspection protocols to alleviate animal suffering.

#animalrights #animalwelfare #vegan #animallawyer #nocruelty #crueltyfree #heartivism #grants #animaladvocacy
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🌟 Refugee Women are Creating Their Own Incomes and Opportunities in Uganda 🌟

Last year we supported Clay Cosmo`s project addressing the pressing financial challenges faced by refugee women, who constitute a significant 81% of Uganda`s refugee population.

Thanks to our grant, the project has achieved important milestones in fostering the empowerment of refugee women through skill development and entrepreneurship. 30 resilient women from Congo, Burundi, and Rwanda were carefully selected to participate in an intensive training program focused on organic skincare production.

With access to crucial resources provided by the grant, including training materials, safety equipment, and transportation support, these women started a transformative journey. They not only acquired practical skills in soap and shampoo making but also developed their entrepreneurial acumen, laying the foundation for their own businesses.
Despite challenges such as weather disruptions, the project persevered, ensuring the success of the training program. Now, 65% of refugee women have emerged as confident entrepreneurs, poised to make meaningful contributions to their communities while securing sustainable livelihoods for themselves and their families.

Moreover, the project has extended its impact to include younger participants, with 35% of individuals aged 18 to 25 joining innovation classes, fostering a culture of creativity and resourcefulness among the youth.

The TPP grant has played a pivotal role in catalyzing this positive change, empowering refugee women to chart their paths toward self-reliance and economic independence. Their success stories serve as powerful examples, inspiring others to pursue their dreams and embrace opportunities for growth.

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In the heart of Nkwen Bamenda III Sub Division, Northwest region of Cameroon, the pilot project "Youth and Visual Arts Activism for Social Change" unfolded at Teken Quarter Youth Community Hall. This initiative, running from January to April 2023, targeted fifteen disadvantaged youths—including school dropouts, drug addicts, and other vulnerable groups. The project, supported by a seed grant, was launched by the Collective Arts Development Association (CADA), which provided six art facilitators. These experts delivered extensive training in various artistic skills, from sketching and drawing on canvas boards to graphic design and T-shirt printing.

Participants were introduced to the fundamentals of colors, composition, and proportions, along with practical applications in screen printing on diverse materials like jeans, nylon, and polyester. The primary goal of the project was to leverage art and social entrepreneurship as viable alternatives to drug use, abuse, crime, and poverty in the local community. Furthermore, the project included an outreach program involving sixth-grade pupils from the Government Primary School in Teken Quarter.

The success of this pilot paved the way for a flagship initiative titled "Empowering Marginalized Youths through Life Skill Education Art and Entrepreneurship Skill Development." This ongoing program offers six-month intensive training sessions to thirty disadvantaged youths, teaching them not only visual and graphic arts but also audio-visual skills and crafts essential for economic independence and social inclusion. Moreover, the program includes mental health education, counseling, rehabilitation strategies, and connects participants with mental health professionals as needed, continuing to transform lives thanks to the foundational support of The Pollination Project grant.

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Our grantees Manjushree Abhinav and Aanchal Raturi won the Swarnali Roy Vegan Advocacy Awards 2024 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

Manjushree received a grant for her project "My planet and my plate", inspiring students to become climate activists themselves, to plant the seed of change into the hearts and minds of students, hoping that these seeds will sprout into far-reaching effects.

Aanchal founded Project Re-Learn, conducting workshops in Uttaranchal colleges to sensitize future agriculturists about ethical practices.

Join us in congratulating these two incredible heartivists! 🧡


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🌟 Volunteer Week 🌟 Celebrating our family of Grant Advisors!

Today we celebrate our grant advisors dedicated to #animalprotection .

🔸 April King (Montenegro/United States)
🔸 Elphas Ongongo (Kenya)
🔸 Mohini Sharma (India)
🔸 Evans Okumu (Kenya)
🔸 Fernanda García Naranjo Ortega (Mexico)
🔸 Leandro Franz (Brazil)
🔸 Jeremy Gregory (United States)
🔸 Kate Luke (Australia)
🔸 Andrew Alexander (United States)


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During Volunteers` Week, we at The Pollination Project express our deepest gratitude to the extraordinary individuals who form the backbone of our organization.

Our dedicated volunteers, from the grant advisors who meticulously select the projects we fund, to the grantees whose community service initiatives are brought to life by volunteer effort, embody a spirit of service that is truly inspiring. The commitment, passion, and tireless dedication of these volunteers fuel every aspect of our work, enabling us to make a meaningful impact in communities around the world.

Thank you for your invaluable contribution and for proving that together, we can be a powerful force for positive change. ⭐

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Every $1,000 we raise is another #changemaker we fund.