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Seeding a community
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The Pollination Project is a collaborative Foundation that offers seed funding ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. Our network of sixty five grant advisors and five country coordinators, each an expert in their respective fields, leads our funding decisions.

This participatory grantmaking process aligns with our ethos of empowering individuals on the front lines to effect positive change within their communities, cultures, and countries.

Beyond financial support, The Pollination Project Foundation assists grantees in taking their initial steps towards fundraising and offers first belief in their mission. Additionally, we offer capacity-building workshops, mindfulness retreats to prevent burnout, and resource navigation to ensure that our grantees’ work achieves tangible goals.

At TPP, we believe in people, so we invest in people. 

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of the week:

Laicey Gibby-Brown: Final Strike Collaborative

Location: USA

Laicey Gibby-Brown works in theater production on Broadway and – after many years of watching the immense amount of waste left behind after theater productions ended – she decided to create Final Strike Collaborative. This organization aims to rescue discarded theater materials from their landfill fate and turn them into new and amazing creations, giving them a second life.

In 2024, Final Strike Collaborative will organize a series of workshops at their art studio where the community can participate and learn how to reuse everyday materials to create furniture or decorative items. In order to make this happen they reached out to The Pollination Project

“To me, the value that comes with this grant, though, goes deeper than its monetary value. Just knowing that people outside of our organization heard about our efforts and believe in our cause enough to invest in us means everything to me. It’s proof that I’m not alone in my efforts to make positive change, and motivates me to keep striving towards our goals for Final Strike to help the community, and change the entertainment industry for the better.”

ShiftHappens: Our Blog:

The stories behind the grants

“We’re very grateful for the Pollination Project’s support. This organization was
the first (outside of our first supporters) to believe in our mission.

As a result of this grant, we have gained credibility in the refugee community and will be able to continue to grow and work towards achieving our mission.”

Linnie Pawlek, Financial Literacy For Refugees
Colorado, USA

Profiles in compassion: The Story of Lava Mae

Find out how a small donation of $1000 helped launch a successful national model for homeless services. The Pollination Project makes small startup grants every single day of the year- all over the world.

A look behind the scenes


Discover the power of early support for changemakers!

🔶 This video highlights how vital our role is in empowering these inspiring individuals at the start of their journey.
By providing faith, strength, and credibility, we help them unfold their potential and create meaningful change.
⭐ This holiday season choose to support The Pollination Project Foundation and make it possible for innovative changemakers from around the world to develop powerful solutions to the challenging issues facing their communities. Thank you!

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🌍🙌 Happy World Volunteer Day from The Pollination Project! 🌍🙌

Today, we extend a huge, heartfelt THANK YOU to all the incredible volunteers who are the backbone of our mission. 🌟💚 Your dedication, compassion, and selfless service are the reasons we thrive and succeed.

To our grantees, grant advisors, and every individual involved in the extraordinary projects we`ve had the privilege to fund - your volunteer spirit is the driving force behind our impact. You`re not just volunteers; you`re change-makers, community builders, and rays of hope in a world that desperately needs it. 🌱✨

Because of you, we`ve seen dreams turn into impactful projects, ideas blossom into reality, and communities transformed by the power of volunteerism. You prove that together, we can pollinate the world with kindness, one act at a time. 🐝🌸

Let`s celebrate the power of volunteerism today and every day. Thank you for being the heart of The Pollination Project. Here`s to many more years of empowering communities and nurturing positive change, hand in hand! 🌏❤️

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🌟 "There are two ways to live your life. One is as if nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is." - Albert Einstein ✨

At The Pollination Project, we stand firm in the belief that each committed changemaker is a miracle in their own right. They possess the power to create astounding transformations within their communities, turning the ordinary into something extraordinary.

Let`s embrace the miraculous in everyday life and be the change we wish to see! 💫

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As the world gathers at #COP28, the call to address climate change and environmental degradation has never been louder. This event is not just a meeting; it`s a crucial opportunity for decisive action in our fight against these global challenges.

Over the past 11 years, The Pollination Project Foundation has funded nearly 800 grassroots projects focused on environmental conservation and regeneration. These changemakers and their courage and commitment underscore the impact of grassroots initiatives in driving meaningful environmental change. It`s a clear message to global leaders: communities are ready to act; they are ready to protect and regenerate our environment. The question is, are our leaders ready to respond with the same urgency and commitment?

COP28 is not just another conference; it`s a critical moment to transform commitments into action. It`s time for bold decisions that echo the determination of grassroots movements like those supported by The Pollination Project Foundation.

The time for action is now. We urge our leaders at COP28 to take a stand and commit to a sustainable future. It`s now or never.

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🔸 We trust them, encourage them, and support them 🔸

With your help we will continue to support changemakers all over the world making a big difference in their communities.

Are you with us?
Until the end of the year, we will match all the donations up to $25,000. Thank you!

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In the past 11 years, The Pollination Project Foundation has empowered over 5,000 extraordinary individuals, leaving an indelible mark on their communities and the world.
However, countless other changemakers are out there, needing just a bit of belief and support to take flight.
By choosing to donate to The Pollination Project Foundation, you make a real difference: every dollar counts, and we will match all donations up to $25,000.
Your contribution is powerful — every $1,000 helps another extraordinary activist make a difference.
✴️ Visit https://thepollinationproject.org/donate to make your impact today! [Link in bio]
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Help us continue to support changemakers all over the world!
Donate to The Pollination Project Foundation and make it possible for innovative changemakers to develop powerful solutions to challenging issues facing communities around the globe.

We will match all the donations up to $25,000.


Thank you 🧡

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🍁🧡 Happy Thanksgiving! 🧡🍁

🎥 This special video is a tribute to the amazing hearts and minds that make our work possible: our grantees, donors, advisors, and friends. Your dedication and support are the cornerstones of our journey. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts! 🙏

🎵 In the spirit of gratitude and unity, our talented grantee, musician Nimo Patel, has orchestrated a wonderful project. He`s brought together dozens of individuals from across the globe to craft a melody that resonates with our soul. It`s more than a song; it`s a celebration of our collective spirit and the countless blessings in our lives.

It`s a testament to what we can achieve together, a harmony of hope and joy.

Watch it on YouTube at https://youtu.be/sO2o98Zpzg8?si=q9re2WFSygv3Gvsz

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In 2020 The Pollination Project Foundation supported “Every Animal”, a vegan animal rights organization in Ukraine founded by Tamara Human focused on vegan education and protecting animals. Tamara’s work centered on trying to change the world for animals by inspiring people to make positive changes in their everyday lives.
The impact of this first grant has been very important:
✅ 1,612 people registered for the Vegan Express course
✅ 20+ promotional posters in different cities in Ukraine
✅ 2 lectures about veganism
✅ 4 street outreach actions Cube of Truth
✅ A book for children published
✅ received EVA Grant from ProVeg

In 2022, when the war began, Tamara and her team adapted their work to benefit the lives of both animals and humans in a new way. She focused on trying to save lives by feeding hungry people, saving animals and bringing some much needed hope to refugee children in Ukraine. She applied for a new grant and TPP helped her with 3 more emergency grants for a total of $6,000.
In the last two years of war, Tamara and her friends were able to:
✴️ Open vegan kitchens in 7 cities in Ukraine
✴️ Send 900 parcels with vegan products to vegan soldiers
✴️ Distribute 75,000 free vegan meals - 200 meals a day

And you? Are you ready to create positive change in our world?
Together we can make it possible for innovative and dedicated changemakers like Natasha to develop powerful solutions to challenging issues facing communities around the globe.
🟠 Join us and make a gift today! All donations will be matched to double the impact of your generosity. https://thepollinationproject.org/donate/ [also linked in bio]

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🧡 In a world that desperately needs compassionate leadership and lasting change, you have the power to inspire hope, possibility, generosity and action in people. 🧡

Give to changemakers! Visit our website!

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Every $1,000 we raise is another #changemaker we fund.