Every day we invest in projects that create a more sustainable, just, peaceful, and compassionate world.

We believe in the power of people. All over the world, ordinary citizens are doing extraordinary things to make their communities and their world a better place. Our grantees are a testament to the unbreakable human spirit that is still alive and well all over the world.

365 days year, we give a grant to changemakers across the globe.
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Dusabimana Christine – Carpet Making Skill Based Training for Kinyinya Women

Carpet Making Skill Based Training for Kinyinya Women is a project involving the gathering of women and young girls and training them on carpet making and personal finances for self-reliance. Due to the high levels of prostitution in the region, women and young girls need to be engaged in productive work leading to empowerment. Dusabimana Christine is a leader in her church's relief society and thus was moved to help her fellow women to be independent and come closer to God. The funds will help her acquire project materials, and costs associated with travel, printing, and promotional needs.

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The Seeds Blog:
Stories Behind the Grants

Today’s Featured Grantee is:

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The Seeds Blog:
Stories Behind the Grants

  • Classroom of young students showing their work

Miracles in Motion

TPP works alongside organizations and leaders across the globe. The latest grantees introduced below show that regardless of where we are on the map, world causes [...]

  • Animal activists gather at Banyan Grove in Oakland, California, for a meditation retreat

Perfection Is Not the Goal, It’s Action

The greatest lesson I got from this experience is the realization that, while empathy is a beautiful quality, only empathizing with somebody’s pain will drain me, consume me and render me incapable of doing something to help lessen that pain. It’s only when compassion follows that I’m helpful, when I use that empathy as fuel to act.

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Read more entries from The Seeds Blog

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  • Atukunda Eva headshot

Atukunda Eva, Legit Housekeeping And Maintenance Services, Uganda

I appreciate the amazing work you are doing. Your grant has helped make a difference in people's lives. It has helped hopeless women find hope for their future, it has taken children back to school, and it created employment in a country where finding a job is the most difficult thing. We thank you so much.

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