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We Give Seed Grants to Social Change Leaders

We believe in the power of people. Every day, all over the world, ordinary citizens are doing extraordinary things to make their communities and their world a better place.

On January 1, 2013, we began making small grants, every single day of the year, to community change makers working on important social change issues, spreading compassion and kindness wherever they are. Some have gone on to win international awards, gain media attention, and scale their projects on a global level.

Our grantees are a testament to the unbreakable human spirit that is still alive and well all over the world.

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Today’s featured grantee


Russ Patrick, Olanya Sunday – Reducing Waste, Improving Livelihoods

Reducing Waste, Improving Livelihoods is a project out of Kitgum, Uganda whereby waste plastic is collected from the streets and shops to be transformed into products for sale. The project is run by a youth employment group from the local college, Agoro International Vocational Institute. By using the plastic bottles that litter the streets throughout town, Russ is helping to thus helping to clean the air and streets. The seed grant will enable Russ and his youth to purchase set [...]

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The Stories Behind the Grants

from The Pollination Project Family

The Stories Behind the Grants

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