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We Give Seed Grants to Social Change Leaders

We believe in the power of people. Every day, all over the world, ordinary citizens are doing extraordinary things to make their communities and their world a better place.

On January 1, 2013, we began making small grants, every single day of the year, to community change makers working on important social change issues, spreading compassion and kindness wherever they are. Some have gone on to win international awards, gain media attention, and scale their projects on a global level.

Our grantees are a testament to the unbreakable human spirit that is still alive and well all over the world.

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Today’s featured grantee


The Autism Awareness Place – Inclusion Teachers Training

The Inclusive Teachers Training is a project located in Nigeria that raises awareness for an inclusive system of education for children living with disabilities. With over 3 million out-of-school children, about 2.5 million of them are living with a disability. Because teachers are not adequately trained to teach these children, most of the students become beggars on the street. This project seeks to offer training to teachers to be able to facilitate learning for children living with disabilities as well [...]

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