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Ruthless Kindness

Ruthless Kindness, Sarah Reidenbach and Kate Kuzminski ’s organization, is available 24/7 for domestic violence victims who need help with their pets. Knowing the power of the human- animal bond, they believe that victims of domestic violence and their children shouldn’t have to leave a pet behind or delay leaving a dangerous situation because they can’t bring their pet. They were supported through a Pollination Project seed grant in 2020 to uplift this work. Thanks to TPP, they have been able

  • to purchase and install a stainless steel exam table in their mobile unit.
  • to purchase vaccines.

From a small non-profit project, they are now an important reality in the animal care movement:

  • $332,720 of veterinary medicines given free
  • $129,600 of pet food & supplies given free
  • $276 average value of services offered at no cost per client
  • 6 crisis programs
  • 4 empathy programs


Camille Licate

“Bree is a rooster, but he is an intelligent, feeling being that craves love and peace, just like all of us. Most children grow up loving animals. My hope is that by meeting Bree and learning more about compassionate food systems, they can learn to reflect their love of animals in their life choices.”

One day, the shelter where Camille Licate worked took in a baby chick that was found wandering the streets of New York.

Camille kept the chick at her desk all day, and on a whim offered to take the little ball of fluff, who she named “Bree”, home. Improbably, they formed an inseparable bond that inspired Camille to share the sentience, heart, and value of non-human life with others.

The Pollination Project partnered with Camille to bring her vision for “Bree & Me” to life. The “Bree & Me Project” teaches kids to take positive action for farm animals and animals used for testing through humane education programs and promoting compassionate lifestyle choices, with an emphasis on veganism. Bree is the project’s ambassador.

In towns with little exposure to humane education, Camille and Bree are creating resonant experiences for children that will result in a kinder, more compassionate world.

To date, she has

Lakshman Molleti

“If we want to build a world of kindness, we have to include non-human animals.”

Lakshman Molleti’s work seems simple enough at first glance: he gives away earth-friendly water bowls throughout India to ensure that the millions of stray dogs, cows, monkeys, birds, and other animals have access to clean water.

This helps street animals avoid health issues like dehydration, skin infections, viral infections and death. Lakshman’s water bowls are hand-painted in community events, and placed outside of the homes and businesses of volunteers. This simple act connects humans and animals on a deeper level.

“When someone sees a desperately thirsty dog eagerly drinking from one of these bowls, they realize how much street animals need us. And by helping in this small way, we hope they feel a pride that leads them to find other ways to deepen their involvement with animals,” he says.

The Pollination Project partnered with Lakshman since the very beginning of Lakshman’s project AWPB Trust (Animals Water Bowl Project).

To date, Lakshman Molleti:

  • distributed 5500+ water bowls
  • organized 120 educational events
  • educated 35,000 people on animal welfare both in person and online
  • impacted 15000+ animals /day

In partnership with our grantee Vegan Hacktivists, we offer seed grants and web development assistance to individual or grassroots groups whose primary purpose is to help reduce suffering for farmed animals.

Vegan Hacktivist is a global community of passionate animal advocates offering their skills in building technology for the animal protection movement through design, development, and data.

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