Our Work in
Climate Resilience

Patrick Arnold

Patrick Arnold created 10 Billion Strong, a leadership development organization focused on environmental sustainability, because he believes it’s unjust that more than a billion youth as well as future generations have to find solutions for environmental catastrophes they did not create.

10 Billion Strong works for long-term sustainability through a portfolio of programs which create opportunities for young people across the world to learn, connect, and act on critical environmental issues. The Pollination Project Foundation provided them with seed funding in 2019.


David Mulo planting trees
Green Kenya - Children smiling

Since 2019, 10 Billion Strong

  • Has worked with emerging leaders in 93 countries across 6 continents.
  • Has guided 155 master trainers to utilize their curriculum to catalyze leaders in their local communities.
  • Has assured their 7,555 Green Leaders Academy participants are trained to address environmental challenges.
  • These leaders have inspired over 30,234+ environmental actions including community cleanups, advocacy campaigns, and tree plantings.


Eunita Atitwa

“Thanks for accepting to fund young people like us. You gave my dream wings, and I am now ready to fly to new places and villages with pollinator gardens.

Eunita received a grant from The Pollination Project in 2017 when she was 13 for the creation of a pollinator garden in Matungu, Kenya. Since then, she hasn’t stopped making the difference.

  • She has planted over 3000 trees within her community;
  • Her garden has already served 5,000 farmers directly and 10,000 indirectly.
  • About 5,000 children and adults visited the garden for learning purposes.
  • She won second place in the 2017 International Young Eco-Hero Awards 
  • She has received The International Children’s Peace Prize in 2021.​
David Mulo planting trees

Crista Valentino

Crista received a TPP grant in 2020 for her “The CoalitionWILD EXCELerator program”, an intensive 9-month leadership and capacity-building training which will equip  emerging environmental leaders with the skills necessary to carry out action projects for the planet.

They provided project development resources, access to an active professional network, and a focus on personal growth to support young people, 35 years of age or younger, to become agents of change for the topics and issues they are most passionate about.

The TPP grant allowed CoalitionWILD to run their  2020/2021 cohort with 42 EXLs (participants) from 27 countries, which is an increase of 30% from the previous year. This led to an impact which created:

  • 220 citizen science engagements in identifying species
  • Education of 180 attendees, including 30 children, in education and awareness sessions on citizen science
  • Creation of 1 podcast series on young Europeans’ viewpoints on sustainable development
  • 3 educational and awareness building articles published in India-based magazine focused on communicating conservation to Indian communities
  • Screened “Voices on the Road” documentary in 21 film festivals
  • Production of a Coral Reef Storybook with intention to translate the book into 4 languages
  • Development of a FLEDJE (Future Leaders for Equity, Diversity, and Justice in the Environment) curriculum within Audubon Chapters.
  • 25 Nepalese undergraduates mentored by local environmental/ sustainability experts
  • 1 book produced to raise awareness about geoconservation in the DR Congo region
  • 300 nature-journal pages produced by attendees to virtual nature-journaling events

To date:

  • 165 EXCELerator Alumni are implementing solutions globally
  • 50+ countries
  • 36,733+ Human beneficiaries of all projects being implemented by EXLs

Madjalia Seynou

FarmSahel is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a mission to unlock the potential of Sahel communities in Africa to achieve economic freedom through sustainable permaculture. They teach regenerative agriculture to smallholder subsistence women farmers of Burkina Faso, and supply them with agricultural input to help transform non-renewable agriculture into regenerative permaculture systems and enable higher growth yields through social equality. All FarmSahel’s activities focus on the end goals of improving food security and soil fertility with an emphasis on community-based, participatory methods.

Their Founder and Executive Director is not only a TPP grantee but also one of our grant advisors.

Since receiving their TPP grant Farm Sahel 

  • Has planted over 1000 trees;
  • Brought clean drinking water to a community of 5,000;
  • Increased food production by 56%;
  • Created 10 Cooperatives

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