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Here at TPP, we believe that ordinary people can do extraordinary things. With that in mind, our goals have been, and always will be, the same: to uplift and empower individuals to create change for a better world.

Now, during this unprecedented time of crisis in response to COVID-19, we wish to support the helpers—those ordinary people who are creating extraordinary change on behalf of people affected by the Coronavirus.

As a result, we have created a COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund, and for at least the months of March, April, and May, we will only be accepting new applications that address the COVID-19 pandemic through work in the following issue areas.

Please carefully review the information below and on the following pages as our funding guidelines and timeline for reviewing proposals have changed in response to these extraordinary circumstances.

Direct response projects

Direct response projects include any effort to directly prevent the spread of COVID-19 or which support direct provision of healthcare and support to those affected. Examples could include, but are not limited to, hygiene/WASH projects which prevent transmission of the virus; efforts to support the provision of healthcare in underserved communities; or projects which support the distribution of healthcare materials.

Community resilience initiatives

Community resilience efforts include any effort that bolsters our ability to care for all life in our communities, both human and non-human. Examples include efforts to support the immediate social and emotional wellbeing of our communities; efforts that support community-led projects that foster greater resilience among communities now and in the future through initiatives such as local food production and any other effort which strengthens our ability to respond together in times of crisis.

Initiatives that support projects moving their activities into the virtual realm.

We are offering funding to groups to shift their work to the virtual realm so that they are still able to meet community needs in these times where social distancing, quarantine, and isolation are necessary. Examples include developing platforms for remote work and purchasing subscriptions to existing services.

Important Information About Our Application Process

  • Please review our funding guidelines on the following page and ensure your proposal meets those guidelines.
  • Please note that we can currently only accept applications written in English.

  • During our application process, applicants whose work takes place outside the United States will be asked to provide the contact information of someone who can provide a reference for their work. Once your application is submitted, they will receive an automated request via email from TPP to submit a reference on your behalf. We will not begin review of your application until we receive your reference. We will notify you as soon as that reference is received and will begin review immediately once received.For more information on our rules about who can submit a reference and for some tips to help you obtain a reference click here.
  • We intend to review all applications as quickly as possible and hope to provide funding decisions within 5-10 days from receipt of a proposal.

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