1. 1 – Getting Started
  2. 2 – Funding Guidelines
  3. 3 – Questionnaire
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Read our guidelines, but still have questions about applying?

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Getting Started with Your Application:

Thanks so much for your interest in applying for a grant from us. Before you take the time to fill out our application, please go through these steps to make sure you and your project qualify for a grant from us.

  • Read our Funding Guidelines (on the next page). Projects must exactly fit our guidelines in order to be considered for funding. Please note that we can currently only accept applications written in English.
  • Review our FAQS
  • Take our questionnaire to see if your project meets our guidelines. If you pass the quiz, we will immediately email you a link to the full application form.
  • Review our application processing timeline. It can take around twelve weeks to fully review an application, so please take this into account when submitting your application.
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