Who is eligible to apply for a grant from TPP?

TPP accepts applications from individuals, informally organized groups and organizations, and formally registered or incorporated not for profit organizations based anywhere in the world.

While we try to make sure our application process is open to as many people as possible, we do have a few rules about who is eligible to apply for funding from TPP. These rules are designed to ensure we comply with all legal requirements that govern our grantmaking and to support us in identifying those projects which are best aligned with our mission and values.

In order to apply for a seed grant from TPP:

  • The annual budget for your group or organization must be less than $50,000.
  • The total cost for the immediate project for which you are requesting funding from TPP must be less than $40,000.
  • You or your group/organization must not have previously received funding from TPP for this project or for any other work.
  • You, your group/organization, your co-leader, or anyone else who works with you on this project must not have received funding from TPP.
  • No other representative of your group or organization must currently have a proposal actively under review by TPP.
  • Your group/organization must not have paid staff of any kind (Note: if you occasionally pay for services such as web design, accounting, or other professional services, then you are eligible to apply).
  • The work you or your organization/group carry out must not seek to influence the outcome of any specific election for candidates to public office, induce or encourage violations of law or public policy or cause any improper private benefit to occur.
  • You or your group/organization must not carry out any work promoting or advocating for animal agriculture, even if that work is not part of your proposal to TPP.
  • You or your group/organization must not carry out work which involves efforts to proselytize, evangelize, or require those served to participate in faith based practices in order to receive services.
  • The work for which you or your group/organization are seeking funding from TPP must be strictly for charitable purposes and not designed to generate profit for you or any other person. Note: If you sometimes contract for web design, accounting, or other professional services, that is allowed. If you do generate profit, it must be reinvested in a non-profit effort.
  • You and your group/organization must not discriminate against any group or class of people based on factors such as race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, age, or faith.
  • You or your group/organization must be able to receive a wire transfer or Paypal payment in US dollars.
  • You or your group/organization must have actively begun to work on your project.

What types of projects and costs are prohibited by TPP?

  • TPP cannot fund payments to a grantee or a member of the grantee’s family for their time or services.
  • TPP cannot fund the purchase of animal products, including but not limited to meat, honey, milk, and leather.
  • TPP does not fund any activity which promotes the consumption of animal products, projects focused on health and nutrition which include recommendations other than reduction in meat consumption or the adoption of a plant based diet, or for any event at which animal products will be served.
  • TPP cannot fund any beekeeping project which produces honey for sale or human consumption.
  • TPP cannot fund any gardening or farming activities which make use of synthetic/chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, and other similar products which are harmful to the environment and to those who use them.
  • TPP does not fund research projects that do not have a tangible plan for how that research will create real world change. In particular, we do not fund academic coursework.
  • TPP cannot make a donation on your behalf to a project that you are not affiliated with.