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Supporting Animal Advocates

The Pollination Project Foundation is rooted in vegan values. We seek to interrupt oppression in every way we can – from the food we eat, to the purchases we make, and to the work we fund. We will not support projects that exploit or harm human or non-human animals. For us to be in alignment with our core values, we choose not to engage in activities that would cause another being pain and suffering.

We’re proud to support community leaders around the world who aim to make the world a kinder place and that includes grassroots animal protection leaders who are changing food systems, advocating for protections for farmed animals, caring for companion animals, and conserving wildlife.

Wairimu Mwangi

Seeding tomorrow’s impact:
Empowering grassroots leaders today

Successful movements are grassroots-led and a strong grassroots is well-resourced, diverse, and connected to all levels of the movement. The animal protection movement has significant untapped potential for expansion and increased impact with dedicated resources to support grassroots leaders.  

TPP is often the first grant an individual or group receives. Since our start, we have funded over 600 farmed animal protection leaders globally. We are proud to be an early funder for impactful organizations including Animal Welfare Observatory, Vegan Hacktivists, Vegetarianos Hoy, We Animals Media and so many others.

With our strong connections with movement leaders, advisors, and grantees, TPP is a connector, a convener and facilitator. We get to watch our grantees grow and support them in finding that next level of support. 

How We Work
Through our Daily Grant program and Global Animal Advocacy Program, we have funded over 5,500 total projects since 2013! Our country coordinators and advisors make our funding decisions, allowing TPP to fund more grants than most foundations, while reviewing each application with a regional and topical lens.  

TPP supports the farmed animal protection movement by expanding the number of people serving the farmed animal protection movement, especially in the Global South, and helping them grow their impact through connection with more resources and to each other.

With our special movement building program in Brazil, India, and Mexico, we have resources for re-granting, community and capacity building, and staff support. Apart from recruiting and funding talented grassroots leaders, we explore best ways to support people who are already working within the movement in increasing their impact, connect the efforts among farmed animal grassroots leaders, and between farmed animals grassroots leaders and other large NGO leaders, to unite the movement, increase impact, and recruit grassroots leaders outside of the movement to advocate for farmed animals. 

Country coordinators recruit applicants and work closely with them in developing their projects, encouraging them to think about impact metrics and clear goals. Country coordinators help to remove barriers to applying for a grant as well, helping funds get into the hands of impactful grassroots leaders who may otherwise not have known about or pursued the opportunity. 

It’s clear that an investment of resources for grassroots farmed animal work leads to more diversity in applicants, more robust projects, and more impactful work!

The Impact of Partnership

Our global impact for animals has been possible thanks to funding from Tipping Point Private Foundation, Isabelle Tancioni and Jamie Alexandre, Craigslist Fund, Voiceless, and many other donors to our animal protection work, as well as from the support from our strategic partners, such as Vegan Hacktivists and Animal Advocacy Africa, who have helped us expand the reach of the grants we give.
  • We expanded the reach and impact of the animal protection movement by funding nearly 500 projects with seed grants, impact grants, and coalition grants totaling $750,000 since 2018.
  • We facilitated funding of $130,000 for diet change work through a ladder funding partnership with Karuna Foundation.
  • We developed a strategic partnership with Animal Advocacy Africa and funded 4 grassroots-led farmed animal protection projects in Africa.
  • We received 230 applications and funded/facilitated funding for 66 projects with $93,359 in partnership with Vegan Hacktivists.
  • We served as fiscal sponsors for $1 million in grant funding for 35 animal protections leaders 

With generous funding from Open Philanthropy, we’ve empowered exceptional grassroots leaders in Brazil, India, and Mexico to bring farmed animal rights to the national conversation. With a team of amazing grassroots leaders serving as country coordinators and country advisory boards, we’re uncovering new leaders in the farmed animal protection movement, bringing advocates together to increase their impact, and driving change for billions of animals who are suffering in our current food system.

  • We built a team of 5 country coordinators in Brazil, India, and Mexico who have increased the number of resourced farmed animal protection projects in these countries by 130.
  • We created 3 advisory boards in Brazil, India, and Mexico to advise our farmed animal protection work.
  • We engaged 100 grassroots leaders in 13 virtual (and 3 in-person) gatherings and trainings on farmed animal protection work for grassroots leaders in Brazil and Mexico.

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