About The Pollination Project

Founded in 2013, The Pollination Project (TPP) is an international nonprofit organization whose mission is to spark goodness and compassion in every person through a daily practice of generosity and grantmaking.

Our Vision & Values

Though “pollination philanthropy”– a democratic model of peer-to-peer decision-making — TPP relies on a global network of grantees, community partners, and volunteer advisors to identify extraordinary project leaders who, due to the grassroots nature of their work, are often not in a position to receive funding from other foundations or institutions.

We know there are many ways to approach changing the world. It is our belief that uplifting and empowering individuals at the grassroots-level is a particularly potent way to achieve real and long-lasting change because:

Access to

We believe it is vital that everyone has access to opportunities to make change and that voices from within the communities where projects take place are heard because we know the power of community-originated solutions.


We believe as members of a global community of changemakers we become better placed to understand the issues facing all life on our planet through the shared experience of addressing those issues with locally appropriate, grassroots initiatives.


We believe that individuals who recognize and realize the power that they hold as agents of change typically continue striving for good, and their impact ripples out into the world in a myriad of positive ways.

Creating Long
Lasting Change

We become part of a connected network of committed changemakers from which possibilities arise for the creation of new ways of thinking, doing, and being which may lead to long-lasting and significant change in the world.

Our Mission

We make micro grants 365 days a year to grassroots global change agents who seek to spread compassion in their communities and in the world for the benefit of all. We also make larger impact grants of up to $5000 to projects previously funded by TPP that have demonstrated ongoing impact and success.

Our Commitment

In service of these values, our commitment to our grantees goes beyond grantmaking. In tandem with our trainings, mentorship, and peer-to-peer grantee hubs and support groups, we foster collaboration among our grantees and community partners through our global network, providing a wellspring of support to our grassroots innovators through non-financial means. These relationships in turn create an ecosystem through which both financial and non-financial efforts build our grantees’ capacity to act effectively in the world, providing them opportunities to not only better understand themselves but also more deeply identify with others.

Our Theory Of Change

Our Theory of Change, then, is one centered around individual changemakers, our relationship with them, and their relationships with other changemakers.

Our Impact

As of 2019, TPP has awarded 3,500 grants to grassroots leaders totaling more than $4,000,000 in over 110 countries. Through our global network of grantees and community partners, those leaders often leverage their grant into more funding and team-building.

Our grantees have gone on to win prestigious international awards, secure large government and foundation grants, and garner national and international media attention.

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