#changemaker Stories

We categorize our work into 7 core focus areas

The Pollination Project is a community of over 5,000 changemakers in 120 countries, each of whom are supported through seed funding, belief, capacity-building support, and connection. Our work spans all issue areas, and we accept proposals from any grassroots changemaker who has a vision for a kinder, more compassionate world.

Many of the projects we support fall within seven core focus areas. If your project is outside these areas, this in no way precludes you from receiving support. We find it helpful to our donors and community to use these focus areas as a tool in conceptualizing our work more broadly. In addition, some specialized programs within these areas rely on more defined parameters.

Animal Rights
and Welfare

Vegan outreach, humane education, farm animal activism, spay & neuter programs… these are just a few of the varieties of projects we have funded! In this area, we receive additional support from The Tipping Point Private Foundation to fund projects that reduce the consumption of conventionally farmed meat and seafood anywhere in the world. We also have special funding for farmed animal activists in Brazil, India & Mexico!

Education & Access To Opportunity

Previous projects have focused on access to educational opportunities for children, adult education, job training programs, virtual learning platforms, & many more!

Conservation &

Changemakers in this focus area have worked on environmental education, awareness-building around plastic pollution and other topics, conservation of specific species or habitats, regenerative agriculture, & climate change awareness.

Health & Wholeness

Projects in this general area include those focused on physical health, as well as those that offer services & awareness for mental health challenges. As an organization that prioritizes mindfulness, we have also funded many projects around meditation, yoga, self-compassion, and similar work.

Human Rights & Dignity

All over the world, our changemakers are working to end child marriage, secure rights for LGBTQ persons, uplift indigenous people, and build an equitable, peaceful world for all!

Artistic Expression &
Creative Communities

In the past, we have funded art education projects, work that combines art and activism, and art therapy initiatives in hospitals, schools, and communities, among many others!

Empowerment of
Women & Girls

We have supported changemakers who uplift the rights, opportunities, and education of women and girls, in the Global South and around the world. These efforts have included job training, educational interventions, menstrual hygiene, and much more!

Our donors help make it happen!