Frequently Asked Questions
About Our Grants

Does TPP accept applications in languages other than English?

Not at this time. The Pollination Project is currently only able to review applications submitted in English.

Do I need to provide a reference when I submit my application?
  • All applicants applying for work outside of the USA will be asked to provide the contact details for a referee at the time of applying. TPP will then immediately send an email request to that referee requesting that they complete our online reference provision form.
  • References must be submitted within 6 weeks from the date that you submitted your proposal to be accepted. If your referee does not write to us within 6 weeks, we will close your application in our system. We will always let you know once a reference has been submitted for your application, and we will also check in with you at 4 weeks after submitting your application if your referee has not yet written to us. We strongly suggest contacting your potential referee before submitting an application to TPP to ensure they are willing to provide a reference. We also suggest contacting them directly after your have submitted your application to ensure they received our email.
  • Referees must know you and your work well and be able to speak to your skills and experience.
  • Referees must meet either of the following criteria:
     > They must a be a TPP grantee who has submitted a report and whose grant was awarded by TPP more than 6 months ago
    > They must use a professional work email address such as tpp.org. We cannot accept references from referees who are not TPP grantees from gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc. accounts
When is the grant application due and how long before I get a response?

We welcome applications on a rolling basis. Applications which are received in full before the final day of the month will be reviewed by our team during the following month and decisions will be shared with all applicants at the end of that month. For instance, if you submitted an application in full at any point in January, our team would review your application during the month of February and you would receive our grant decisions at the end of February/the first days of March.

Please note: by ‘received in full’ we include the successful submission of a reference for international applicants. Your application will be counted as received in the month in which your referee submits their reference.

What is expected of me if I receive a grant?

If your project is selected for funding, you agree to:

  • Follow through with the project as you have laid it out to the best of your ability. Submit reporting which includes what you achieved, what you learned and how you spend the grant funds. Go to Reporting Requirements for details on what to include.
  • Take photos or videos showcasing your project in action, and include these photos and videos in your project report.
  • Track your expenses and submit all receipts with your final report to show how you spent the grant funds.
  • Allow your project to be highlighted, publicized and shared by The Pollination Project.
  • Make your best effort to spend the money as you proposed. Follow the restrictions listed in your contract when spending the funds, and contact us before making any changes
Will I have to pay taxes on the grant money?

We cannot advise on your personal tax situation, but as long as grant money is used for qualified project purposes and no funds are used to pay the grantee or any member of a grantee’s family for working on the project, then we will not need to issue a 1099 or report your grant income to the IRS.

If you are a U.S. based grantee and you do not submit receipts and reporting for your grant, then we do issue a 1099 form and report your grant as taxable income to the IRS.

My project involves distributing food that contains animal products (e.g. a food bank), can I apply for a TPP grant so long as the grant does not pay for animal products?

Yes. We strongly advocate for a reduction of meat consumption and for plant-based diets due to the cruelty inherent to animal agriculture and due to the environmental and health benefits of reducing global meat consumption. However, we recognize that food banks and other groups do not always have a choice regarding the food they provide and we can pay for costs such as shelving or other infrastructure costs in projects of this kind.

We cannot pay directly for animal products, any activity which promotes the consumption of animal products, for projects focused on health and nutrition which include recommendations to consume animal products, or for any event at which animal products will be served.

My proposal was not funded by TPP. Can I apply for funding more than once?

We do accept revised applications. However, we urge you to only reapply if your project design has changed significantly or if you have made significant revisions to the information contained in your application based on feedback from TPP. Please do not immediately resubmit a proposal if we have provided feedback regarding your project design.

Is it appropriate for my co-leader, a volunteer, or another member of my group to request funding from TPP for different parts of the same project at the same time?

No. This is not appropriate. We can only accept a single application for any work, even if the applicants are different people. If a previous application was declined by TPP, then you or someone else may apply again for that work but it is vital that you tell us that a previous application was submitted for this work.

If someone else in my group or organization has been funded by TPP for a project, can I or another member of that group or organization also request funding for the same project or for another project that we are working on together?

No. Even if you were not the original applicant for a previously funded project but the work for which you are seeking funding is operated by that same group you are not eligible for further funding. This is the case whether it is for the same project as that which was originally funded OR if the work is different from the previous project.

Can I or my group/organization receive more than one micro grant from TPP?

No. Because our goal is to support as many grassroots changemakers as possible, we unfortunately have to restrict the number of micro grants any person, group, or project can receive from TPP. Accordingly, we can no longer award more than one micro grant to any person or group even if the proposed work is completely distinct from their previously funded project. Existing TPP grantees are eligible for a single Impact Grant and for other non-financial opportunities.