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Grantee Stories

Rebuilding Horizons in Peru: Human Settlement’s Community Hub

1 out of every 4 people lived in poverty in Peru in 2022, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Information Technologies of Peru. “I am very moved by the idea of shared dreams. In the beginning someone else's dream may not come across as yours but,...

The Difference One Person Can Make: Dickson Oketch and His Work with Girls in Siaya, Kenya

With such sensational stories bombarding our hearts and minds, it is easy to succumb to fear—or, worse, apathy. But at The Pollination Project, we strive to provide an antidote to apathy by uplifting the voices of those changemakers who are making a positive difference in the world—changemakers like Mr. Dickson Oketch

From Finance Executive to Nonprofit Leader, Samantha Wettje is Helping Students to Learn and Thrive

Samantha Wettje grew up with a father who struggled with mental illness and addiction, which had a lasting impact on her. During middle and high school, she wanted to distance herself from this experience as much as possible. When she was deciding what to do after...

“Ruthless Kindness” Offers Compassion to Human & Non-Human Animals

On a warm night in late July, Sarah Reidenbach and Kate Kuzminski got into “Clifford,” their big red mobile veterinary unit, and headed to the parking lot of a hotel in Sonoma County. It was long past office hours for most professionals, but Sarah and Kate aren’t...

Documentary Inspires Action on Climate Crisis

Climate change has caused the sea ice in the Arctic to shrink 40% since 1979, NOAA. “My greatest hope is that this documentary will inspire meaningful community action towards climate change so this can make local changes that will have a global impact”, Tehya...

Ponselvan Thanapal Battles India’s Caste-Based Discrimination in the Time of COVID-19

She only had enough food left to feed her family for one week. This 35-year-old widowed woman, let’s call her Amara, and her family live in Dharavi, India. You may know Dharavi—it was the slum featured in the movie “Slumdog Millionaire.” This woman lost her husband due to alcoholism a few years back, and since then she has had full responsibility for the caregiving and support of her three children.

Color My Dreams Africa: an Organization Spreading Literacy and Hope

Edith Cherotich Ndiwa was born in a small village in Kenya to parents who both attended school and it is their education that would come to play a major role in charting the course of her life. Her father, a fan of Stephen King and other authors, invited her to expand...

Play2Learn: Dedicated to Overcoming Obstacles and Inspiring Children to Follow Their Dreams

Using her voice and gift for teaching, Mercy Abdulsalam inspires and influences change by empowering young people in Nigeria to discover their potential and lead exceptional lives of service. Growing up, she’d been exposed to creative games and sports, however she saw...

Desire Johnson-Forte Brings the Spirit of Travel to Young Black Men in Oakland through #Passport2Freedom

For Desire Johnson-Forte, travel is the ultimate expression of self-liberation. Especially since, growing up in Oakland, CA, travel of any kind seemed like an unrealistic luxury.

A Way to The Heart: The Community Plant Based Lunch Program

1 in 200 Australians don’t have a safe or affordable place to sleep, Australian Human Rights Commission.  “My hope for the future is for people to care more about connecting to each other, as well as our planet and all the species that inhabit it. When profit is not...