What does TPP consider when making grant decisions?

Our grantmaking team evaluates grant proposals based on their own experience of doing similar work and working in the regions that a project takes place. During their review they also consider a number of factors, including:

  • The potential impact of the work.
  • How much total funding is needed for the work, how much has been raised to date, and thus how much impact a TPP grant of $1000 would have on the success of the work. Though our team takes into account the total budget of a project as part of our decisions, a larger consideration is how big the gap is needed between what has been raised and the total need.
  • How the applicant is related to the community in which the work takes place.
  • Whether the project has been designed to holistically contribute to positive change in the world (for example, have possible negative environmental impacts of the project been considered in the project design even if the work is not focused on the environment?)
  • What efforts the applicant has so far taken to maximize the impact of their work through the use of non-financial resources available to them such as working with volunteers and soliciting in kind donations.

What opportunities are available to me if I am funded by TPP?

In addition to a single micro grant of up to $1000 from TPP, individuals or groups/organizations selected for micro grant funding by TPP are eligible to receive:

  • Non-financial support through training, peer support groups, and access to other opportunities.
  • Consideration by TPP to serve as a fiscal sponsor on a per project basis for funding awarded by donors other than TPP upon completion of their initial micro grant.
  • Support from TPP in connecting with other funders and donors upon completion of their initial micro grant.

What information do I need to provide to apply?

TPP accepts all applications for funding through an online application form. We are unable to accept emailed submissions or requests for funding in any other form. To access that form, please complete the quiz on the following pages. Upon completion of the quiz, qualifying applicants will receive an emailed link to our application. That link is unique to you so please do not share it with anybody else.

All applicants who will also be asked to provide the name and contact information for a referee at the time of application. We suggest contacting your proposed referee to ensure they are willing to provide a reference on your behalf before applying. When you apply, TPP will send an email to that person requesting that they complete an online reference form on your behalf.

Please ensure with your reference provider that the request is received in the English language.