Shine Girls: Empowering Young Girls in Zambia

by | Jun 21, 2024 | Education, Empowerment of Women and Girls, ShiftHappens

Location: ZAMBIA

Beneficiaries: Young girls

The Project

Project Scream Foundation is dedicated to addressing the critical issue of child sexual abuse among young girls. They are working to educate girls about the dangers of sexual abuse, empower them with the knowledge to recognize and report abuse, and provide them with resources to protect themselves. By fostering awareness and promoting safety, they aim to prevent child sexual abuse and support the health and well-being of girls everywhere.

“Our experience with the project has revealed the urgent need for targeted interventions and awareness campaigns to dismantle the culture of protection around perpetrators. This involves addressing deep-rooted social attitudes, stigmas, and the lack of a safe environment for survivors to voice their experiences. The cultural barriers that inhibit young girls from speaking out demand a multifaceted approach. Educational programs, community dialogues, and collaboration with local influencers are crucial components in breaking down these barriers. Additionally, fostering a supportive community that actively listens, believes, and protects survivors is paramount.”

The Impact of the Seed Grant

The Pollination Project seed grant has been instrumental in helping us achieve a significant milestone. With the grant’s support, they were able to reach 1,560 young girls across four schools in Kitwe, specifically in the communities of Kawama, Chipata, and Juston. Through targeted initiatives and engaging storytelling sessions, they successfully imparted essential knowledge and skills, empowering these students to understand and prevent child sexual abuse.

A crucial component of the initiative involved printing and distributing copies of a children’s storybook designed to address the nuances of child sexual abuse awareness. This storybook served as a powerful educational tool, and by placing these resources directly into the hands of students, they aimed to create a lasting impact. The distribution of these materials fostered ongoing learning and awareness within the school communities.

This multifaceted approach not only reached a substantial number of young people but also ensured the availability of educational materials that will continue to contribute to building a foundation for a safer and more informed community.


Our commitment is not only to raising awareness about child sexual abuse but also to challenging and transforming the cultural norms that perpetuate silence. We aim to empower young girls to find their voices, speak out against abuse, and contribute to a society where perpetrators are held accountable, and survivors are supported without fear of retribution or stigma.


The Future

Project Scream Foundation plans to expand its reach, aiming to empower girls and increase awareness about child sexual abuse not only in Kitwe but throughout Zambia and beyond. To achieve this, the foundation intends to use the success of its project in Kitwe as a model to replicate in other communities, utilizing the storybook as a tool for education and awareness.

Additionally, the foundation plans to further develop its educational materials and resources. This includes creating additional materials for use in schools, such as workshops and interactive activities. Forming partnerships with local organizations and government entities is also a priority to increase the impact of their efforts and continue raising awareness on a larger scale.

Ms. Chilembo Siwale

Passionate about driving change in Africa and beyond, Ms. Chilembo Siwale has dedicated her career to improving youth development, adolescents and women’s health, combating HIV/AIDS, advancing menstrual hygiene management (MHM), and promoting gender equity. With a deep understanding of program implementation in Zambia, she has gained valuable insights into effective development strategies and sustainable solutions. She’s currently pursuing a Master’s in Project Management (MPM).

“Through continued collaboration and advocacy, we aspire to create an environment where survivors feel safe, protected, and heard, and where the culture of shielding perpetrators is replaced with a culture of accountability, justice, and empathy.


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The SDG Literacy Drive 3.0 has received funding from @ThePollinationProject! 🎉
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✅ UN Sustainable Development Goals

Through interactive programs and resources, they're empowering young minds to understand global challenges and take action locally. 
Their mission? To cultivate a generation of informed, engaged citizens committed to building a more sustainable and equitable world for all. 💚

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