Thomas Gasser, The Uprising

Date grant awarded: 05/02/2017

“The Uprising” inspired by Italian Philosopher Franco Berardi, is a collaborative project in Tuscany, Italy, initiated by the Open Program, NGOs and many individuals that join to create an artwork, The Open Choir, that respects and embraces cultural variety and becomes a meeting through “living culture“. The Open Choir serves as a means of revealing creative forces, capacities, competencies, cultural tools, and riches present within individuals and communities, empowering ourselves and others with means and opportunities to make a meaningful difference in a world which is increasingly threatened by racism and nationalism.

The project “The Uprising” is strongly related to the theater group “The Open Program of the workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards”. They provide the artistic nucleus from which we create the bigger “Open Choir” by sharing their competence in the artistic field. The group participates free of charge in their spare time because they recognize the necessity of the arts to take a political stance to counterbalance the racism and nationalims that his arising in Italy, specially through the arrival of refugees in the last months and years….