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Boundless Opportunity

Having a solid community is one of the most vital assets to our livelihood and forward progression. Being surrounded by people who affirm our strengths, potential and advocate for our human rights can change the outcome of our life experiences. As a child, receiving uplifting messaging, access to education, [...]

Boundless Opportunity2019-10-16T11:38:31-07:00

Individual Ideas Influence Widespread Aspirations

All of our individual life experiences bring special insight and perspectives for how we see the world, and how we add towards collective expansion. The solutions and ideas that TPP grantees bring to their communities are endless and their unique experiences allow for boundless ingenuity. There is not a [...]

Individual Ideas Influence Widespread Aspirations2019-10-01T10:35:38-07:00

Back to Basics

Finding solutions that impact the world, local communities, and us as individuals can initially seem crushingly overwhelming. However, TPP grantees prove that change begins with simply going back to the basics. They use the Earth’s natural resources to allow people to feed, nurture, and invest in their livelihood. They [...]

Back to Basics2019-09-17T09:22:16-07:00

Collective Rising

TPP grantees always connect youth to the programs, projects and visions they hold for a better world. In order for change to last, we must provide alternative perspectives and resources to youth who will grow up believing in themselves, their communities and their dreams. TPP grantees are filled with [...]

Collective Rising2019-09-11T07:47:25-07:00

Celebrating Change

Breakthroughs and transformation can occur independently, but with a united community these transformations are firmly rooted for infinite progression. People need help and guidance throughout the world, and TPP grantees not only provide assistance, but also celebrate these communities through encouragement, empowerment and empathy. Helping others tap into their [...]

Celebrating Change2019-08-21T09:00:49-07:00

Shared Confidence

The desire to generate change can not be completed without the boundless trust in others and most importantly, the trust within yourself. TPP grantees hold confidence in their vision and travel through the process of discovery one step at a time. In a world where people point fingers at [...]

Shared Confidence2019-08-07T07:58:28-07:00

Protecting Our Future Through Present Action

These projects, organizations and intimate communities are radical acts towards redefining old stagnant beliefs, supplying fresh perspectives and spreading uplifting ideas with actionable ways to make a difference.

Protecting Our Future Through Present Action2019-07-24T08:58:04-07:00

Ayama Godlove Yuh, Restoring Hope And Creating Sustainable Livelihood Opportunity, Cameroon

The TPP seed grant award for our prison outreach project gave me and my team of volunteers greater motivation for our work and the much needed encouragement for more commitment and dedication toward sharing love and improving the lives of prisoners in Cameroon.Through the help of the seed grant, we [...]

Ayama Godlove Yuh, Restoring Hope And Creating Sustainable Livelihood Opportunity, Cameroon2019-07-23T07:40:44-07:00

Miracles in Motion

TPP works alongside organizations and leaders across the globe. The latest grantees introduced below show that regardless of where we are on the map, world causes trickle or flood into all of our lives. Gender based discrimination that occurs in Malawi is also happening in Nigeria. People passionately fighting [...]

Miracles in Motion2019-07-15T10:29:11-07:00

Creation Comes Full Circle

Serving others can take the form of money, emotional support, counseling, friendship, and education. The forms and methods are nearly infinite, and the resulting impact increases when people create solutions together. TPP supplies grants, belief, and other non-financial support, but it is the mindset, determination and brilliance of TPP [...]

Creation Comes Full Circle2019-06-26T13:50:24-07:00
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