Rory Townsley

Rory Townsley, Fresh Food and Veggies for the Community of Imperial Beach

Date grant awarded: 06/23/2015

Fresh Food and Veggies Project for the Community of Imperial Beach was started by Rory Townsley and her husband Tim in the summer of 2017. Rory who grew up in Imperial Beach, California is a volunteer at the Imperial Beach Broken Loaf Food Pantry.

This food bank provides food to the community of Imperial Beach and Coronado serving over 2,500 people a month. Most of the people who come to the food bank are senior citizens on very little income or no income at all.

With the help of her husband and The Pollination Project grant, Rory was able to design a 500 sq. ft. garden located in Jamul, California. Corn, beans, squash, watermelon and more will be grown in the garden and donated to the food bank.