Limbi Tata – Mangroves for Tomorrow

Limbi Tata’s Mangroves for Tomorrow Project is an initiative to encourage mangrove reforestation in the Mabeta fishing community of the South West Region of Cameroon. This is part of an endeavor to mitigate the effect of floods on communities around the Cameroon coastal mangrove forest zone.

Within the scope of the project, mangrove user groups, school children and women will be trained (hands on) on mangrove seed collection, nursery establishment and management and enrichment planting of mature mangrove seedlings. This will lead to the creation of a 5,000 capacity nursery that will serve as planting stock for reforestation of the highly degraded mangrove forests of the Mabeta fishing community.

The ultimate goal of the project is to decrease material and human loss from floods by restoring natural barriers and increase production, carbon sequestration and conservation of aquatic fauna in the long run through mangrove reforestation.