Kasolo Sheilla Elizabeth, Charity Initiative Eastern Region Book Drive

Date grant awarded: 1/27/2017

Sheilla Kasolo is a young lawyer who always strives to give back to her country. Having participated in projects to help the elderly, rural school children, and people with mental illness, she and a group of friends known as the Charity Initiative decided it is important to develop the reading culture among pupils in eastern Uganda – Kaliro.

Many schools in Eastern Uganda lack books and reading materials. This is not a unique situation, but it is Sheila’s hope that by targeting a single area, she and her friends can produce a viable pilot that will allow them to provide a model that can then be used in other districts.

The grant will be used to procure books in Uganda to build a library that can benefit teachers and students, and also the community at large. It will be a pilot project that will inform them of how to best work with schools to develop libraries in rural areas of Uganda.