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Karen Snook, Kindred Spirits Care Farm

The farm at Los Angeles’ John R. Wooden High School was neglected until Karen Snook and some of the city’s youth started to clean, plant and revitalize the plot. Karen’s project is Kindred Spirits Care Farm, where young people care for the small farm and its animals, as well as learn about permaculture and food justice.

“Care farms, by definition, are all about bringing healing and wellness to vulnerable people,” Karen said. “Our version of care farming brings in vegan values of compassion to all sentient beings by introducing people to individual farmed animals and showing them that farmed animals are as worthy of love, compassion and care as any companion animal or other sentient being. The organic gardens teach nutrition and self reliance to at-risk kids to empower them to be less reliant on those who might exploit or abuse them, and it is done in a sustainable way so that the earth is not compromised in service to human survival.”

The students are repairing the mini farm’s buildings, so the animals have a safe place to live, and tending the neglected garden. The group has already potted 900 plants, fixed the chicken coop and planted potatoes and strawberries.

Funds from the Pollination Project will help the students build a secure rabbit hutch and restore the garden.

For more information on Kindred Spirits Care Farm, visit their website, Facebook and Twitter pages, and check out photos of the farm and its caretakers on Instagram.

GRANT AWARD DATE: June 29, 2014

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