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Ijeoma Ugwudi - Diabetes Self-Care Education in Nnorie, Nigeria

Ijeoma Ugwudi – Diabetes Self-care Education Project In Nnorie, Nigeria

Date grant awarded: 09/23/2017

Ijeoma Ugwudi is the founder of the Be-In-Health Foundation, a nonprofit organisation that provides free healthcare and free treatment services to rural, under-served communities with great focus on non-communicable diseases like cancers, diabetes, hypertension and respiratory diseases.

The Diabetes Self-Care Education Project for Nnorie community will involve training of healthcare providers who will in turn educate the residents on diabetes self-care in the native language (Ibo), especially by using pictures that can easily be understood by this population that is largely illiterate. The project also involves helping known diabetics form support groups, so they can be more accountable with regards to treatment and management of their diabetes.

There will be free blood glucose testing for residents in the community. The healthcare providers will be provided with glucometer machines and test strips for future diagnosis and blood glucose monitoring for diabetics.


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