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Holly Feral, Driftwood Magazine

Holly Feral is a journalist with a love for bridging social, cultural, and physical divides. After years of working for mainstream newspaper outlets she realized that traditional, corporate news media often has the opposite effect of what she was trying to accomplish.

After moving to Seattle and becoming vegan, Holly decided to realign her beliefs and passion for socially conscious journalism by creating Driftwood Magazine. Driftwood is a high-quality quarterly journal that aims to grow the global vegan community by sharing travel tips and stories from vegans all over the world, promoting vegan culture centers, and publishing writing, photography, and other artwork from vegans.

Holly explains, “Most vegan publications focus on why people should become vegan and how to make vegan food. There aren’t any magazines that focus on life beyond the gate. We want to focus on people and the developing culture and industries within the vegan community.”

Driftwood’s first issue will be published this July, and 2,500 copies will be printed with the goal to obtain 1,500 subscribers in order to become a self-sustained business. Over the course of 2015 Holly and her colleagues will print two more issues, and for the future plan to develop a new website with a click-able map for subscribers to view content from particular places throughout the globe.

For more information, please visit Driftwood’s Facebook page or website.

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