Caren Lanier - Project Backpack

Caren Lanier, Project Backpack

Founder and CEO, Bertha Hammett is a firm believer that each individual must be offered a basic opportunity to realize a life of self-sufficiency, and that this should include a second chance. Bertha realized early in her career that she was charged with coaching others to help themselves, and has made this her primary focus on the disadvantaged and under-served segment of society.

Project Backpack is an initiative to address the needs of individuals recently released from incarceration. This project seeks to equip individuals with the necessary resources and support services they will need to reintegrate back into society. Backpacks will be distributed to recently released individuals filled with basic necessities, transportation tokens, a journal and informational re-entry packets. Some primary goals of Project Backpack are to encourage individuals to participate in re-entry programs, journal their struggles and successes, and give back to the community by helping others stay out of the system through their stories.”