Angelica Jackson

Angelica Jackson-Thomas – Journey Beyond

Journey Beyond is a non-profit organization based in Maryland that serves promising youth with limited financial resources in Southern Maryland and Baltimore City. The organization envisions a generation of youth empowered to take stake in the global economy and community no matter their background or zip code. The mission of Journey Beyond is to eliminate generational poverty by teaching global competence.

The organization was founded by Angelica Jackson-Thomas, who, when studying social enterprise in Bangladesh, quickly learned that global perspective is a necessity in today’s employee market. Journey Beyond advocates for kids to rise above their circumstances and soar to their greatest potential through global leadership workshops, cultural immersion abroad, service learning, and peer-to-peer education.

In June of 2018, Journey Beyond will take 20 middle and high school-aged youth, several of whom have never been on a plane, to Peru where they will volunteer with an orphanage, explore Peru’s rich history and culture, and discover the geography where the first South American empire resided. With studies showing that there is 100% improvement in GPA post-study abroad and often times boosts in confidence, Journey Beyond is sure to teach the tools to pull oneself out of poverty through access to learning opportunities that prepare students for success in the 21st century.