Adriana Bueno, The BiblioVan

After working for a decade in the Colombian government on human rights issues, Adriana Bueno is bringing her skills and passion back to where she grew up in the Colombian Amazon. Her project,  The BiblioVan, is a library on wheels which will make rounds among rural indigenous villages.

Adrianna hopes to “close the gap between the opportunities of the most vulnerable and the most privileged sectors of the population… It also promotes a positive engagement of the community around reading circles and movie clubs, giving people a constructive alternative for the use of their free time and reducing their exposure, particularly of kids and young people, to alcohol, drugs and violence.”

The brightly painted auto will host a collection of available books and educational games, along with movie nights and discussions on topics relevant to the community.

Funds from the Pollination Project will go to renovating the van and transporting books and materials from Bogotá by plane, since there are no roads connecting the area to the rest of Colombia.

GRANT AWARD DATE: June 21, 2014