A group of women sit under a thatched awning.

Abongta Moncha, Empowering Women and Promoting Education (EWAPE) Project

Women in Bafut, Cameroon, play a pivotal role in the education of their children and in improving the economic health of the family, yet most lack the means to effectively carry this out due to their inability to access loans, often resulting in being victimized. Abongta Moncha has created the Empowering Women and Promoting Education (EWAPE), Project to give women access to affordable, short-term credit to earn a consistent income. EWAPE beneficiaries will farm and harvest garri, a staple in the Cameroonian diet, which will then be sold for a profit that will be reinvested into the educational future of the women’s children.

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GRANT AWARD DATE: January 16, 2016