Chijike Ndukwu, Rural Grain Storage Project, Nigeria

by | Mar 24, 2017 | What Does $1000 Do?

We believe that our lives cannot be complete no matter how successful we are, if many people around us or we know, are in poverty, pain, and despair. We believe that our world will be a better place, if, everyone would have the opportunity to reach their social and economic destinies.

This can be achieved if everyone who knows can teach someone who knows not; and people who have anything at all – food, clothing, housing, tools, technology name it, can make it available to those who have not so that they too can reach the expectations of their lives. In this project, we put hope in the thoughts, smiles on the faces and one of the best technologies in maize storage in the hands of poor women in a remote part of the world. Our faces lit up as the faces of the poor women lit up with smiles of hope. It brought tears of joy in our eyes and we cannot but be happy that we could make them believe that next farming season will change part of their lives.

Written by Milena Fraccari