Carrie LeBlanc & Adam Sugalski, Compassion Works International, Henderson, Nevada

by | Aug 12, 2014 | What Does $1000 Do?

In early 2013, The Pollination Project funded a project which enabled us to hold one of the largest circus protests ever conducted in Jacksonville, Florida, and it attracted a lot of attention! We have since created protest groups and have facilitated community-based anti-circus activism from coast to coast.

The Pollination Project is now funding a much larger-scale project for us, which will enable us to provide these groups with posters and literature when before costs were prohibitive for them. Yet the influence of The Pollination Project on our work doesn’t stop there. With our anti-circus work, we noticed a need to facilitate community-based activism for animals more generally, so we are in the process of founding a nonprofit called CompassionWorks International with the mission of creating a more compassionate world for all beings. Our goal is to help individuals across the country who want to make change for animals in their communities do so in a professional, efficient way. Thanks to support from The Pollination Project, what was once a small project has become a national effort focused on planting seeds across the country for the benefit of all animals.

See the Grant Announcement for Carrie LeBlanc & Adam Sugalski’s Project.

Written by Joshua Amponsem