Carrie LeBlanc & Adam Sugalski, Furthering Awareness of Circus Cruelty

Carrie LeBlanc and Adam Sugalski are the founders of, a group that gives voice to the abused and enslaved animals used by the circus.  Originally funded to launch in early 2013, we gave Adam and Carrie this second grant to take their work to the next level.  They are now looking to support activists in need in rural communities.

“We feel that the unnecessary suffering of any being is unjust and impacts the well-being of every animal (both human and non-human) on this planet,” Carrie said. “We seek to correct the imbalance created in this world by the imprisonment and enslavement of animals ripped from their habitats and their families in order to serve as menial entertainment for humans.”

Funds from the Pollination Project will go to purchasing leaflets to distribute to circus atendees and mailing costs.

For more information on Furthering Awareness of Circus Cruelty, visit their website, Facebook and Twitter.