Ashutosh Nirvadyaachari, Karuna Sandesh Yatra, Rajasthan, India

by | Apr 5, 2017 | What Does $1000 Do?

It was a 1,500 km foot-march by me covering 8 districts (mostly of southern Rajasthan) to spread the message of veganism through leaflets, booklets, videos, talks etc.with general public,students & teachers and an effort to meet all Jain saints, sadhvis, aryikas and other religious leaders to convince them to expose the cruelty intrinsic in animal milk to all their followers. I also delivered talks to their followers who come from far off places during this sacred period of 4 months.

The Grant has certainly helped me evolve into a better person than before. My Yatra and interactions with thousands of people have taught me to be more understanding and compassionate.More importantly, I feel myself at peace. It makes me happy to see myself doing something worthy and paying my debt by doing what I was supposed to do in this ‘life’ …a gift for which I’m always indebted to this world.
I interacted with over 100,000 people in person while traveling about 1,500 km. Initially, I was planning to do only 500 to 800 km. But when I started, some more donors chipped in and I was able to get about 100,000 booklets so I extended my yatra to cover 1,500 km.

I got support from various other regions of the country who loved the message in the booklets I had printed and asked me for it. I sent them soft copies so that they got it printed on their own and simultaneously distributed those in their cities. Influenced by the campaign, several Whatapp groups have started with members from almost all parts of the country with the sole mission to spread awareness. People mention the name of my facebook page by printing it on t-shirts, doing chalktivism etc. in other states too.

These ripple effects were beyond my expectations. When I was away from my home town during the campaign period, many were regularly watching my campaign through facebook and to my surprise many told to me on my return that they are now vegan for life.

Written by Milena Fraccari