Walteria Caldwell, Diversitá Opera Arts Company, Dallas, TX, USA

by | Aug 17, 2018 | What Does $1000 Do?

I would like to thank The Pollination Project for creating such a wonderful funding organization that helps small companies like ours thrive in the community. Without your help…hundreds of people that we served over the year’s time would not have received the opportunities to perform in front of an audience, nor would they have…received scholarships, or get to experience top entertainment without an expensive budget.

When we look at who is in our audience as well as who is on stage, we see various races, cultures, orientations, and ages, which was the model we wanted to provide to the world. There have been many people who have thanked us for creating a platform that was not present here, and we would not have been able to carry our vision without your organization.

Written by Milena Fraccari