Tisha Marina-Bernard, I Choose Peace, Los Angeles, USA

by | Oct 19, 2018 | What Does $1000 Do?

The Pollination Project grant has allowed my vision to bring resources to youth and families dealing with bullying and mistreatment to life. The TPP grant encouraged me to see that other people believed in my dream as well and that I was on the right path. It gave me the boost and drive to follow the passion in my heart to bring life changing and life saving tools and techniques to youth and families….Through the publicity of having I Choose Peace represented on the Pollination Project website, we had The Hug Alliance reach out to us for collaboration projects with the goal to create a global movement filled with inner peace, compassion, empathy and hugs…TPP offers genuine support and kindness. This experience has felt like working with a supportive friend…The Pollination Project is an amazing organization that blesses and brings visions to help the world to life!

Written by Milena Fraccari