Theory of Change #1: The Power of the Individual

by | Jun 8, 2020 | ShiftHappens

Thug. Boomer. MAGA. Karen. Redneck. SJW. Neoliberal. TERF. Anchor Baby. Trailer trash. Libtard. Neckbeard. Illegal alien.

These terms are painful to many, and none can begin to encompass the vastness within each human heart. Yet so frequently these abstractions become the broad brush we use to paint people we may not know or understand.

We can’t afford this division, this “othering.”

Every individual matters. If you ever doubted this, let the life of George Floyd make you a believer.

The Pollination Project exists out of this belief in the power and beauty of individuals. Every day, our community chooses an individual whose passion project we collectively uplift with seed funding, capacity-building support, and connectivity. And every day, in getting to know these practical dreamers as distinct people, I find myself growing too; not just as a professional, but in empathy, understanding, and belonging.

The goodness & creativity within every individual is the largest untapped reservoir for building a kinder, more compassionate world.

Let our work undam this reservoir and let the compassion, peace, and kindness flow.

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