#Changemaker of the Week

Every week, TPP will feature one of our incredible #Changemakers–individuals who are making a big difference in their communities and the world. Read on to learn about their work to create a kinder, more compassionate world for all.

A Heart of Compassion: Donatella Gelli’s Wildlife Sanctuary Takes in Animals Abandoned Due to COVID-19

The force that moves me is compassion,” said Gelli, a TPP changemaker whose sanctuary—which, in part, rescues domestic animals who were abandoned because their owners feared they could carry the coronavirus--was awarded funding by TPP’s COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund. “I cannot see any living thing suffering. I cannot. I’m not able to pass by if I see someone or an animal suffering.

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Assi Flaviurs’ Health and WASH Project Creates a Safer Future for the Children of Cameroon

For the 180 children and 10 staff members who constitute Bome Primary School in Bamenda in the North West Region of Cameroon, going to the bathroom safely and privately is a luxury. As they do not have access to safe and private toilets, for the past 5 years, they instead have had to rely on an old, open dilapidated tent next to their school.

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Ponselvan Thanapal Battles India’s Caste-Based Discrimination in the Time of COVID-19

She only had enough food left to feed her family for one week. This 35-year-old widowed woman, let’s call her Amara, and her family live in Dharavi, India. You may know Dharavi—it was the slum featured in the movie “Slumdog Millionaire.” This woman lost her husband due to alcoholism a few years back, and since then she has had full responsibility for the caregiving and support of her three children.

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Discover Our Youngest Changemaker: Cavanaugh Bell Protects Senior Citizens through the LOVE Pantry

Cavanaugh Bell has spent the last two years giving back to his community of Gaithersburg, Maryland, a significant amount of time for anyone, but even more so when you consider his age--which is 7. You read that right. Bell first began leading a host of care pack initiatives to help the homeless in his community when he was just 5 years old.

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From the Ashes: TPP Changemaker Jenny Lowrey Battles COVID-19 in Her California Community, Ravaged by Fire Just One Year Earlier

But then, once again, the unthinkable happened—a pandemic swept through the nation, with California being one of the hardest hit states. All of a sudden, Lowrey was thrust again into emergency mode. “[Our family, friends, and neighbors] have survived the nightmare of the fire and had just gotten back to work. They were finally feeling hopeful again … and then COVID-19 happened. We are now hit with a second disaster before we have recovered from the first.”

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Seventeen & Saving Lives: Sam Suchin Combats COVID-19 with 3D Printings

When the COVID-19 pandemic swept the world, Sam Suchin knew he had to do something. “In the past few weeks, people all over the world have started to brainstorm creative solutions to keep people safe during the outbreak,” says Suchin. “Hope3D has joined the movement.” Enter Project Shield: a project which aims to crowdsource 3D printed face shields for healthcare workers.

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Changemaker Warren Campbell Responds Swiftly to COVID-19; Offers Vital Funds to Those Under COVID-19 Treatment

As the founder of AFFORDABLE, a software-based nonprofit dedicated to reducing barriers to healthcare access, Warren Campbell, a TPP changemaker, realized COVID-19 could be a potential health hazard in the US as early as February. Then, something unexpected happened that hit close to home: the grandparents of one of his developers were on the Queen Diamond cruise ship when COVID-19 was identified.

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