The Pollination Project Partners with Tipping Point Foundation to Further Compassion for All Beings

by | Dec 6, 2019 | Seeds: Our Blog

This month, The Pollination Project (TPP) celebrates its wonderful partnership with Tipping Point Foundation!
Our shared understanding

TPP and Tipping Point Foundation uphold many common values, including a belief in the sanctity of all life. For Tipping Point Foundation, this belief informs its very methodology, aimed at:

  • Preserving the future: Using science and technology to avoid natural or man-made cataclysmic events, ensuring inhabitability for current and future generations of all species.
  • Valuing all life equally: Instilling a philosophy of guardianship, not exploitation, of other species.
    Maximizing the quality of all life: The elimination of suffering for all species.

Similarly, for TPP, we support movements that spread “compassion consciousness”—or compassion for all beings, human and non-human. We recognize the profound suffering created by our global system of animal agriculture, which has been shown to be by far the greatest single contributor to the environmental destruction of our planet, from water usage to rainforests destroyed, to greenhouse gases released in the process of raising animals for food.

Accordingly, this partnership will specifically support projects within the Animal Rights movement that aim to effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions and animal suffering through the consumption of conventionally farmed meat or seafood. By supporting projects that work toward animal advocacy and the well-being of the environment, TPP and Tipping Point Foundation support each other’s goals for a safer, more compassionate world.

Building movements for change

For this partnership, we are willing to fund any project in any location which works towards the goal of compassion for all, even if it does not advocate specifically for an end goal of veganism – that is, incremental approaches are something we will consider within this program.
Projects of particular interest are:

  • Policy and/or regulatory efforts intended to promote meat alternatives, especially to institutional consumers, such as schools.
  • Educational efforts on the perils of animal farming, including environment, animal welfare, health, etc.
  • Social programs aiming to reduce meat consumption through flexitarian agendas

We are focused on what it takes to support the growth of projects addressing industrial agriculture outside of the US and Western Europe and supporting the emergence of connected and powerful movements within these regions.

Do you have an idea for a project? Apply today!

As part of this partnership, TPP will be granting 25 x $1,000 grants to leaders within the global movement through both an open general application process and through submission of nominations for funding from a team of nominators related to TPP. We invite you to apply today!

For more information about our partnership with Tipping Point Foundation and the types of projects we support, see our Program Objectives page.

Written by Carolyn Ashworth