About the Tipping Point Program

In partnership with The Tipping Point Private Foundation, TPP will identify and provide support to projects which aim to effectively reduce the consumption of conventionally farmed meat or seafood by providing $25,000 in initial seed grants as $1,000 awards. We believe changemakers at the local level are best positioned to ensure our grants are appropriate and impactful, so we will provide support to any project, anywhere in the world, that meets the standards of our review team.

Program Objectives

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and
Animal Suffering

Support projects within the animal rights movement that aim to effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions and animal suffering through the consumption of conventionally farmed meat or seafood.

Reduce Meat Consumption

Support policy efforts intended to promote meat alternatives; educational efforts on the perils of animal farming to the environment, animal welfare, and health; and social programs aiming to reduce meat consumption through flexitarian agendas.

Grants Made Within the Tipping Point Program

How To Apply For A Grant In This Program

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