#PreparedToServe Campaign – More than a feeling

by | Nov 4, 2021 | ShiftHappens

How do you define care?

According to the dictionary, the definition is, ‘the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something.’

Care, much like its companion love, is more than a feeling. Care is an active principle.

We are all active in one way or another. No one is inactive even if it may seem so. To be alive means to be active. When our actions are driven by compassion, kindness, and love we are immersed in the spirit of caring.

The members of the global Pollination Project community are amazing examples of the power of compassionate action. They feel inspired to make a difference for the members of their communities and take on the much-needed task of being a catalyst for positive change. This serves as an inspiration to others who see them making a difference. The ripple effect grows and a network of trusted relationships emerges.

This is extremely important in times of crisis. When a catastrophe or emergency hits, time is of the essence, every second counts. In such times trust is a much-needed resource and it can not be manufactured elsewhere. Because our changemakers are grassroots community members their work unfolds on the foundation of existing relationships allowing them to act with speed and efficiency that groups working from the outside in may struggle with.

When you live in the community you strive to serve you understand the nuances and subtitles that exist allowing you to be the best advocate for what is needed, where it’s needed, and when. This is why the grassroots are so important in times of disaster and crisis. They are so often overlooked yet are so often the most impactful.

This is why we started our Resilience and Recovery Fund earlier this year as the world sees one disaster after another and the urgency for emergency support becomes far too common. We know the power that grassroots changemakers have in everyday circumstances and we know that power increases immensely in moments of crisis.

Please consider joining us in this campaign. We are prepared to support those who are prepared to serve….the question is are you?