Perfectly prepared

by | Nov 12, 2021 | ShiftHappens

When I entered highschool, I was blessed to have a wonderful home room teacher who went above and beyond by sharing life lessons with us. One thing he would often say was, “Perfect preparation prevents poor performance.”

Often we long for spontaneity and to live in the moment. However, when a crisis arises we can begin to appreciate the power of preparation. 

At The Pollination Project we have seen time and time again that grassroots volunteer community leaders are often the most prepared to serve at a time of emergency. Coming from and living in the community, they are uniquely positioned to understand the cultural, social and practical nuances and subtleties that exist. It’s been a lifetime of preparation.  

The power of grassroots individuals during times of disaster can not be underestimated. Having a network of relationships and knowledge of the community they are able to navigate situations and respond rapidly. 

While there is often a need for large institutional aid organizations to provide resources and have ‘boots on the ground’, it’s important to not overlook individuals whose feet call that very ground home. 

We are committed to support those who are prepared to serve their communities at a time of the greatest need knowing that those individuals are a resource that can not be replaced. 

Join us in building our Resilience and Recovery Fund so the next time the world faces a crisis we can be prepared to support those who are #preparedtoserve.


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