Mary Ann Plummer, The Consoling Place, South Carolina

by | Aug 12, 2014 | What Does $1000 Do?

When a friend shared your link with me last year, I found it difficult to believe that there was such an altruistic organization; it seemed too good to believe.  When I finally had enough information to submit for a grant, I found the application steps to be simple, and your review process to be respectful and thoughtful. Clearly “death” isn’t a very mainstream topic.

In fact, most people feel very uncomfortable trying to comfort someone who is grieving.  Conversely, those who are grieving can’t always articulate the pain or describe what they need.  As we began to develop The Consoling Place, we were surprised to see the sheer magnitude of the need.  We were ready to help but not able to do so.  The Pollination Project grant made it possible to begin our outreach months earlier than expected!  How wonderful that you are able to help those with a vision, and cause change to happen – all around the world.  A simple Thank You just isn’t sufficient. See the Grant Announcement for The Consoling Place.

Written by Joshua Amponsem