Inspired by Jennie Kay, the Detroit Sanctuary Project

by | Apr 15, 2013 | Archive

Jennie Kay, a Detroit native, set out to do something really ambitious.  She is organizing an army of volunteers to photograph every single house of worship on every street of Detroit, Michigan.  By documenting spaces of “sanctuary” Jennie hopes to create a new kind of conversation about community.  Jennie Kay says, “This isn’t a story about what is wrong in Detroit.  It isn’t a story about awesome new stuff in Detroit.  It is a story about what has been right in Detroit all along.”

The Pollination Project funded the Detroit Sanctuary Project in January, 2013.  A few months into the planning stage of the Detroit Sanctuary Project, Jennie Kay has already:

  • Created a video.
  • Been featured on the local news.
  • Created a dynamic website to collect images and a facebook page.
  • Helped raise $10K from Stone Restoration Services of Troy, MI to re-furbish a local church with natural stone.
  • Launched a compelling indiegogo campaign to raise more funds.
  • Organized a community photography day on June 8th.
  • Enlisted the support of Frederick Douglass Preparatory High School to do all the GIS mapping of the churches.

We are truly honored to support Jennie Kay and the Detroit Sanctuary Project!

Written by Carolyn Ashworth