Topistar Were, Supporting Orphans Through Income-Generating Activities

Topistar Were is among one of the few women in Kakamega, Kenya committed to protecting children and dedicated in fighting for their rights. In recent years the number of orphans and vulnerable children in Sichirayi Village has rapidly increased as a result of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Inevitably, poverty and hunger have also increased among this population. Her project, Supporting Orphans Through Income-Generating Activities, aims to ensure that twenty orphans and vulnerable children have access to proper nutrition, balanced diet and clean water to foster healthy living through kitchen gardening. She is been dedicated to ensure that this information is clear and understood among her participants and is implementing a training for the caregivers that will then be followed up with fruit and vegetable seed distribution where they will be able to practice their gardening skills. This fresh and nutritious produce will then be consumed as part of a balanced diet and the surplus will be sold, serving as an income for these families.

Topistar’s project has been positively accepted and described as having a direct impact that offers a new journey of hope for the lives of the orphans and vulnerable children. Topistar’s long-term vision for this project is to promote and grow a community of healthy people and watching these children grow into future trusted leaders.