Mirabelle Jones, JARRING: A Campaign to End the Silence Surrounding Sexual Assault

Artist and bookmaker Mirabelle Jones is helping the survivors of rape share their stories through letter-press printed, hand-bound books filled with art, texture and their personal narratives.

“My own assault which occurred in my first year of graduate school was a pivotal event in my development as an artist and as a human being,” Mirabelle said. “By connecting with other survivors, I realized that this experience was a larger societal issue that needed to be explored and discussed, that supporting a community of silence was allowing rape culture to persist, and that my skills as an artist and a book maker could be employed to break the walls of silence shrouding this issue.”

Called JARRING, the set of three books will be sold to special collections libraries, so they can be freely accessed, and a copy will also be given to rape crisis centers as a therapeutic aid. Mirabelle also plans a book tour to promote discourse on sexual assault and art.

Funds from The Pollination Project will go toward supplies for the making of the books, as well as travel costs.

For more information on Mirabelle and JARRING, visit the website, Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter.