Marguerite Andrich, Bag Up The Love!

Across the US, children and teens in the foster care system are given a black plastic trash bag to pack their belongings in when they are moved in between foster homes. Finding this unacceptable, Marguerite Andrich decided to do something about it.  She created Bag Up The Love!  which donates new duffel bags to a local youth organization, who then distributes the bags to youth in the foster system. Each duffel bag is filled with toiletries, a blanket, a stuffed dog, and coloring book/crayons (under 10) or journal/colored pens (over 10), and given to the 200 plus children and teens who enter foster care year after year.

Bag Up The Love! has partnered with The Safe Children Coalition (SCC), and has already donated 100 bags, with plans to donate another 100 by October. Their goal is to raise the funds to donate 20 bags a month, ensuring that “every child and teen entering foster care in Sarasota County has a duffel bag to pack their belongings in instead of a trash bag”.

To learn more about Bag Up The Love!, visit their website, Facebook and gofundme page.