Linda Sanchez, Fuerza Indígena

Linda Sanchez is a visionary indigenous Zapotec leader from Oaxaca, Mexico, with a proven track record of success for promoting positive social change. For the past few years Linda has worked closely with 67 Sueños, a non-profit organization in Oakland, CA, that promotes the inclusion of disenfranchised immigrant youth in domestic debates regarding immigration policy.

After migrating to the U.S. from Oaxaca, Linda struggled with explaining her identity to people unfamiliar with Zapotec history. She eventually became determined to reassert her own culture, and in the process, set out to help other indigenous migrant women in their own struggles with identity in the U.S.

Through her most recent project, Fuerza Indígena, Linda will provide low-income, Guatemalan migrant women living in Oakland’s Fruitvale District with the resources to design and sell their own ethically-made eco-friendly apparel. With the help of the funding she receives from a Pollination Project Flow Fund Grant, during 2015 Linda will provide project participants with stipends to create their clothing during a 4 week pilot project.

For more information, please visit Fuerza Indígena’s website.

GRANT AWARD DATE: July 5, 2015