Jada Imani - Tatu Vision

Jada Imani, Tatu Vision

Date grant awarded: 3/10/2017

Tatu Vision is a collective began by two solo artists, Jada Imani and Maleik Dion, with the help of family and local organizations. They collaborate to create music and all-age monthly events at the Alan Blueford Center for Justice.

Their first monthly event is Tatu Vision’s First Friday Festival Showcase. It is a showcase of underground, and emerging local artists, including live bands, MCs, singers, and dancers. Their second monthly event is Tatu Vision’s Second Saturday Open Mic and Sistar Cypher.

It is an open mic, dance party, and positive, all-inclusive Hip-Hop space which includes “Community Uplift Table” and an opening meditation. Tatu’s spaces are created to build and strengthen community among generations cultures with leadership of young people, artists, and women.

They believe that we can evolve as a collective people when we heal as individuals, so they encourage their brothers and sisters at their gathering to step into their power and utilize their unique gifts. This grant allows them to pay local artists, to provide water and vegan refreshments at events, to purchase promotional material such as stickers and a banner, and to continue creating art.