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Donna DeGennaro, Unlocking Silent Histories

Donna began working with youth while at the University of Pennsylvania, noting that technology empowered middle school students to take learning into their own hands, allowing them to make their knowledge and culture visible.

As a seasoned college professor, Donna founded Unlocking Silent Histories: a non-profit organization dedicated to working with indigenous youth around the world, and strengthening their voices and identities through the creation of their own documentaries. “Many indigenous communities have been taught to keep their histories silent and therefore have been reluctant to express themselves for fear of criticism,” Donna says. “Furthermore, in today’s technological world, the voice of indigenous continues to be absent from the escalating digital landscape.”

Funds from the Pollination Project will be used to support the indigenous youth leaders who join Unlocking Silent Histories, and to help fund the documentaries they create.  To learn more about this work, check out the website, twitter feed, and Facebook page.

GRANT AWARD DATE:  June 18, 2014

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