Belamin Nkem

Belamin Nkem, African Law Center, Inc.

Following his graduation from law school, attorney Belamin Nkem founded The African Law Center, Inc., located in Houston, Texas, to provide support to at risk and low income African immigrants living in the United States. The organization provides insights and resources to address significant issues challenging their lives as they pursue the “American dream”.

Living as an immigrant in the US, Belamin describes himself as fortunate. But many African immigrants share different stories depending on their country of origin. Many suffered trauma coming from war zones or refugee camps, and others have witnessed or experienced torture from state agents first hand. Additionally, being dropped into the United States creates its own challenges, including the quest to assimilate, feed the family, and to learn a new language.

Last year, president Obama signed into law an executive action enabling millions of parents living in the United States illegally to get a deportation reprieve for 3 years. The goal of this law was to facilitate family unity for parents of US citizen children, however, the law has been put on hold by the courts, leaving many immigrant parents wondering daily if they will wake up and find themselves separated from their children.

African Law Center, Inc. runs an immigration and low income tax clinic providing legal support on immigration and tax resolution issues for free or for a nominal fee, however, no one is turned away because of their inability to pay.

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GRANT AWARD DATE: April 24, 2015