Beatrice Nyambura Wahu

Beatrice Nyambura Wahu, Twashukuru Eco Friendly School

Date grant awarded: 3/10/2017

Twashukuru Eco-Friendly School is located in Lamu, Kenya, and currently serves the most vulnerable children in the area. The school was founded by local artist, Omar Islam, who generously donated his personal land to make this project a reality. Students are taught eco-friendly environmental practices, singing, dancing, drumming, and the arts along with their basic education. This project will contribute funding to the construction of a second classroom so that 30 more children may enroll and gain access to an education.

Nyambura (Beatrice) has been a volunteer at the school since 2014 when the nursery school children here captured her heart. She is working hard to help the school take the next steps in serving the surrounding community. Plans for an organic garden, sustainable school bus boat, and recycled playground are also in the works. They love having visitors to Lamu. Contact them if you are interested in visiting the school and meeting the children firsthand.