Fundación El Origen, The Mobile School Of Arts And Culture Amigos Del Origen, La Guajira, Colombia

by | Dec 8, 2017 | What Does $1000 Do?

Since our goal with this grant is giving our students and artists of the region access to connect with opportunities all around the world by using the website WAJIIRA and social network’s recourses, we would need professional equipment’s to offer an accurate service. Thanks to your grant we already achieve the first step, which is having a platform that is already recognized by people who are interested in knowing about this region which have been designed as the region with most cultural region and as a special touristic and cultural district.

Our students already developed skills to be their own promoter of their job. They have been creating unique arts pieces such paintings, literature, music, photography and short films about their history and their natural and cultural heritage which might be helpful to attract people from all around the countries to our millenary heritage. We will also launch our first program for Volunteers and Artists Residences by 2018 which people all around the world can apply by signing on our website, we are working to make allies with all kinds of artists organizations in all around the world to offer an acurate service.

Written by Milena Fraccari