Cherry Lane Gramling, Gift Card Change Matters, Atlanta, Georgia

by | Aug 12, 2014 | What Does $1000 Do?

The greater value of being named a Pollination Project grantee is the award in and of itself. The fact that one prominent organization believes in my idea enough to put to their name and money towards it’s triumph is understatedly empowering.

The media exposure is invaluable. The exposure to the knowledge and experience of other philanthropic efforts worldwide has an educational and motivational value that can not be bought.

The Pollination Project continues to post offer of informational and how to workshops and the possibilities of more funding to their grantees. The worldwide connection of Pollination Project Grantees is a profound and humbling experience. As a member of this grantee group I witness worldwide goodness and great ideas being pursued by people of all ages in remarkable ways.

It is daily source of inspiration, motivation and encouragement for me personally as I continue to believe and grow Giftcard Change Matters. Through these seeds of success more good will grow. Thank you Pollination Project for 1K and everything else.

Written by Joshua Amponsem