A Voice for the Voiceless Creates Space for Wildlife to Flourish

by | Nov 19, 2021 | Heartivist Of The Week

At the age of seven, Jeremy Gregory wanted more than anything to save the harp seals and blue whales. With the support of his parents, he ventured around his neighborhood conducting his first fundraising efforts; however, they would not be his last.

Having grown up in an eco-conscious, farming family with a grandmother who was a humane educator – before humane education was even a thing – and surrounded by strong women whose lived lives illustrated the connection between feminist values and eco-consciousness, Jeremy was destined to become a strong voice for the voiceless.

As the co-founder and director of Tindakan – a nonprofit that supports solution-based endeavors that focus on ecological and social justice causes around the globe – Jeremy’s passion for creating a better world led him to work on the Prairie Dog Relocation Project.

Jeremy knew that prairie dogs – a keystone species with an exceptionally advanced vocabulary – and their colonies created habitats that support 100+ flora and fauna species. So, when the last two, iconic colonies in Longmont, Colorado faced a threat, the goal became to relocate them to Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge where they would attract and anchor a healthy ecosystem. However, the Covid-19 pandemic made it challenging to secure the support needed and it looked as though they would not be able to make it happen. That’s when the Pollination Project stepped in and everything changed.

“We were practically dead in the water and suddenly, we had hope. The Pollination Project helped so much. Doors opened and because of your belief in us, other people were inspired to give, we even received an extension on the deadline for the relocation. We’ve been able to move 600 prairie dogs and we have another week to go. We are so grateful to the Pollination Project for believing in us,” Jeremy said.

Jeremy and Tindakan continue to educate the public on the importance of keystone species and our beautiful prairie lands. The passion that existed in that young, seven-year-old boy still exists today and it’s reach – much like Jeremy’s passion – knows no limits.

“Whether it’s a spider or an elephant, a prairie dog or a person, they all have cognition and feeling. I consider it my personal mission to stand up and speak up for those who are oppressed, those who cannot speak up for themselves,” Jeremy says.  

The Prairie Dog Relocation Project reminds us that we are deeply connected with our planet’s ecological systems and with one another. As Jeremy and Tindakan work to protect our wildlife and teach the principles of humane education, they are an inspirational reminder to care for and give voice to our wildlife, our environment, one another and our world.


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